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About Us

Specialize in European and American style bleaching and dyeing style hairstyle

Let you experience the best quality hair bleaching and color design

Princess Y Salon was established in 2020, the main customers are people who advocate natural style and casual hairstyleAnd guests who love European and American style. The guests are from different Western European countries.


In the past ten years, we have continuously introduced western hairstyle technology, and in 2018, we went to California, USA to exchange Balayage,Foilayage, Air-touch and other different types of hand-painted dyeing techniques. With continuous research, focus and sharing,The colorist in our team has already become a well-known story in the Hong Kong hair coloring market.


Seeing that Hong Kong people's quality of life and taste are constantly improving, we decided to set up a one-stop hair coloring experience.From technical level, professional opinion, design shooting, high-quality works, and perfect follow-up plan.To set up a hair salon is to be a pioneer in the Asian hair color market.

The Asian market all over the world has always been lacking in professional and dedicated technologies for bleaching and dyeing Asian hair.Therefore, we will continue to visit countries in person to carry out technical exchanges and receive guests, and strive to make the works of Asian guestsAnd the level of Asian hair dyeing has been pushed to a high level in the world.

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