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About us

Specialists in western-style balayage

Experience services of the highest quality

Established in 2020, Princess Y Salon serves clients who looking for natural-looking European and American hairstyles. We have been serving clients from America and European countries for many years.

Our team are one of the firsts to introduce balayage techniques to Hong Kong clients in the past decade. Back in 2018, we even went on a learning excursion in California to learn various hand-painting techniques such as balayage, foilayage and air-touch.

The colourists in our team are renowned in Hong Kong for their professionalism and passion for sharing knowledge, filling the gap to create balayage on Asian hair.

Seeing that there is an increased demand for the hairstyles that we love to create, we decided to set up a one-stop-shop to be a pioneer in the Asian market.


We provide technical professionalism, design shooting, high-quality hair work, and continuous follow-up consultations.


We are committed to pushing the boundary to offer services of the highest quality.​

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