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Lucas Chan

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What defines as beautiful and unique?

I would like to start with the reason behind my path in becoming a hair colourist.

There are many hair dyeing techniques out there, from simple monochrome styles to highlighting and dyeing multiple colours. Now I am focused on creating natural-looking European and American balayage.

I always thought of hair as a sketchpad, where I can paint freely.


Our team not only innovate our techniques but also take the time to upskill every year. You will never find our creations dull because the creativity with hair colour is endless.

I believe that the best hairstyles are those that can be tailored to suit individuals. 


I hope my style is what you are looking for. 


Wayne Li

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Professionalism can be defined in many ways, but I prefer to define it with one word - focus.

I have been a hairdresser for more than ten years, and I am skilled in all facets of hairdressing, from hair dyeing to styled cutting and more.

It can be said that I know everything well, but I want to ensure I can achieve results of the highest quality for each client I serve.


I decided to focus on my hair colouring techniques and became a colourist.

As a colourist, I love creating balayage.

My goal is simple, I will do my best to create my signature hairstyle, tailored for each client. 


I am Wayne Li - Hong Kong Colour Expert


Kayo Tang

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I have diverse work experience, but I chose to release my creativity in hairdressing.

Among the many categories of hairdressing, I found that I have always loved European and American hairstyles.


I was already creating balayage before it became mainstream in Hong Kong. 

I am a specialist in hair dyeing, bleaching, babylights, ombre, and balayage. 


My goal is clear, which is to create European and American hairstyles for Hong Kongers. 

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